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    Francis G. Hamel

    Francis G. Hamel

    Mintonette Medallion of Merit: 2009


    Francis G. Hamel, Fran as we know him, has been a strong supporter of the Volleyball Hall of Fame for more than 2 decades.

    Since joining the Board of Directors in 1986, Fran has served the Hall of Fame in many capacities including Director, Induction Committee Member, Selection Committee Member, President, Special Events Committee Chairman and much more.

    He is now officially an Honorary Board Member but maintains an active role in Hall activities including bringing financial support to Hall activities and hosting international visitors.

    Fran has been instrumental in shepherding the Hall of Fame - Spalding relationship over the years throughout the corporate changes that have occurred. A 35 year Spalding employee, Fran has been key to the 20+ year support of Spalding as a major Induction Sponsor.

    He has helped make numerous international connections through his world-wide network at Spalding such as assisting with contact of the family of 2008 Honoree Sinan Erdem of Turkey when efforts through normal channels were fruitless.

    Fran & Spalding were also instrumental in the start up of the Volleyball Hall of Fame's Showcase of Champions High School Invitational tournament for both boys and girls. Following many of support for our collegiate men's Morgan Classic Tournament & Clinic and the Hall of Fame Women's Invitational.

    A retired International Credit Manager at Spalding, Fran enjoys time with his wife Pat and children Jennifer and Jeff and grandchildren Jack, Lucas, Quinn, Chase and Ella. Fran is also active in the community including membership in the Beavers Businessmen's Club.

    About the Mintonette Medallion of Merit
    Presented to individuals in recognition of a single significant record or the accomplishment of single or multiple achievements in the sport of volleyball. The Mintonette Medallion of Merit recalls the original name that volleyball's inventor, William G. Morgan, assigned to the sport when he invented it in 1895.


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