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    Patricia Demers

    Patricia Demers

    Mintonette Medallion of Merit: 2012


    Patricia "Pat" Demers started her volleyball career in 1948 with the American Turners volleyball team in Springfield, Mass. She soon learned the game and participated from 1948-1970 in many New England Turner tournaments. Attending the 1951 USVBA Open tournament in Springfield gave Pat the bug to continue and expand her volleyball participation. She was soon involved in volleyball scorekeeping and by 1960 was scorekeeping for USVBA events.

    Certified as a National Scorekeeper in 1973, Pat soon demonstrated her outstanding skills and was selected to serve as a National Scorekeeper Rater in 1976, a responsibility she continued through 1998.

    Pat received her International scorekeeper certification at the 1983 NORCECA Championship in Indianapolis and she was selected as a backup scorekeeper for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. She continued to score at various International matches in the United States, as assigned, until her retirement in 2002.

    USA Volleyball celebrated the sport's Centennial year by hosting the USA Open near volleyball's birth place of Holyoke, Mass., at the Westover Air Reserve Base. Pat headed the New England RVA host committee.

    Additionally, Pat was recognized for other significant competitions as part of two International matches hosted in the Northeast including the 1978 USA versus Japan match held in Springfield, the 1995 Men's USA Cup and the Student World Games held in Buffalo. Pat was cited as a Leader in Volleyball at the USA Volleyball Annual Meetings in 1987 at Berkeley, Calif. and in 2012 Pat was the recipient of the Nancy Sharpless Scorekeeper Emeritus Award.

    Pat also served as the Chair of the Massachusetts Special Olympics program from 1980-1990 and worked at two Special Olympics World Summer Games.

    For her continued support of the Hall of Fame's mission and her many significant contributions to the sport of volleyball, Patricia Demers is truly deserving of the Mintonette Medallion of Merit Award.

    Currently, Pat coaches high school girls' and boys' volleyball at Agawam High School where her teams have had great success including many league championships and a State Championship in 2013.

    About the Mintonette Medallion of Merit
    Presented to individuals in recognition of a single significant record or the accomplishment of single or multiple achievements in the sport of volleyball. The Mintonette Medallion of Merit recalls the original name that volleyball's inventor, William G. Morgan, assigned to the sport when he invented it in 1895.


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