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VBHOF Corporators

Corporators of the Volleyball Hall of Fame

Corporators of the Volleyball Hall of Fame

1999 Mintonette Medallion of Merit Award Winner

Biography (Current at time of award):
The Volleyball Hall of Fame was conceived in Holyoke, Massachusetts - the Birthplace of Volleyball. United States Volleyball Association Board Member John O'Donnell and Peter Meltzer, who was Chairman of Officials in Region One, sought a means to honor the 75th Anniversary of volleyball. Both men lived in Holyoke and were members of the city's Chamber of Commerce.

Through their efforts, a series of clinics were held in Holyoke in 1970, followed by a major exhibition tournament in February, 1971, between the champion teams from Region One and Region Two. The tournament was so successful that it became the launchpad for the William G. Morgan Memorial Tournament and spawned a vision for a Volleyball Hall of Fame to honor the sport.

Inspired by the successes of 1970 and 1971, the Chargers committee of the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce began to promote Holyoke as the "Birthplace of Volleyball," and the USVBA designated the Holyoke Public Library as an official repository for volleyball memorabilia in anticipation of the new Hall of Fame.

The following year, 1972, the first William G. Morgan Memorial Tournament was held, and the Chamber of Commerce began the campaign for a Volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke to provide a memorial for the sport's stars and great moments and to promote volleyball around the world.

Officially, the Volleyball Hall of Fame was incorporated in 1978 by: Joseph Alfano, Richard Barthelette, Ernest Brunault, Joseph Cassidy, William Collamore, William Crean, Vincent D'Addario, John Davy, Robert Gilbert, Robert Grenier, Thomas Griffin, Clinton Hampson, William Hartt, William Keating, Thomas Kennedy, Earl LaFlamme, Norman LaRoche, George Leary, Barbara Martino, Peter Meltzer, Robert Mocarski, Claude Morin, John Nolan, John O'Donnell, Pauline O'Donnell, Ernest Proulx, Sidney Radner, Lou Silver, Gary Somers, Allan Sonoda, Michael Tierney, James Tufts, Barry Waite, Robert Woodill, and William Yeo.

The Hall congratulates the Corporators, who gave birth to a movement, a museum, a gallery, a Volleyball Hall of Fame unmatched in its ability to promote its sport around the world.