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Merton "Mert" Kennedy

Born: 1908 in Buffalo, New York (United States)

Died: March 22, 2000 in Evanston, Illinois (United States)

Enshrined: 1992

Country: United States

Category: Leader

Biography (Current at time of Induction)

After graduating from George Williams College, Merton Kennedy became employed by Metro Chicago YMCA where, for 33 years, he made major contributions to the physical education leadership at the Lawson, Isham, YMCA Hotel and Austin Branches.

It was during this time that "Mert" became deeply involved in volleyball. He promoted the sport for people of all ages and held numerous clinics for the unskilled as well as the skilled player. Kennedy also worked with the Chicago-area AAU in promoting the game, serving as Chairman of the Men's Volleyball Competition at the 1959 Pan-Am Games in Chicago.

Kennedy became a scorer in the 1940s and continued to score at both the Regional and National Competitions until the 1970s. He was secretary/treasurer of the USVBA in 1952, on the USVBA's Executive Committee from 1953 to 1977, Chair of the USVBA's Publications Committee in 1973, and a member of the Leader in Volleyball Committee for many years.

In 1952, he became a Leader in Volleyball, receiving the Referee Emeritus Award in 1973 and the Scorer Emeritus Award in 1983. Kennedy is also the recipient of the USVBA's highest award, The Friermood Award, which he received in 1977.

In addition to authoring many articles on the sport of volleyball, "Mert" cooperated with Ed Laughton on the revising of the Official Scoring System in 1954 and 1955. Throughout the 1990's Mert served on several USVBA committees, and was a representative for the National YMCA at the Annual USVBA Delegate Assembly.