{"page_title":"Hall of Fame Internship Program","tab_id":"#tool-home","html":" \n \u003cdiv class=\"layoutContainer row layout-100 \"\u003e\n \n \u003cdiv class=\"column-1 column col-sm-12 col-md-12\"\u003e\n \u003cdiv id=\"pageEl_383315647\" class=\"pageEl\" \u003e\n \n \u003cdiv class=\"pageElement textBlockElement clearfix\"\u003e\n \n\n\n \u003cdiv class=\"text clearfix\"\u003e\n \u003cp\u003eThe International Volleyball Hall of Fame Internship Program offers college students an opportunity to work alongside Hall of Fame staff and board members to gain hands-on professional training in a field that closely matches his/her major. Although we offer several areas of focus (see below), we provide a balanced exposure to the overall operations and programs of the Hall.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\r\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eSchedule\u003c/strong\u003e: Schedule can be flexible to\u0026nbsp;fit intern\u0026rsquo;s class / work schedules and IVHF needs. Work may be performed at IVHF or as otherwise agreed. Customized multiple semester or summer internships can be developed in consultation with student and sponsoring school. \u0026nbsp;Most internships are 10-40 hours per week.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\r\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eCompensation\u003c/strong\u003e: Hall of Fame internships are generally unpaid at this time due to the limitations of available funding. Credit and non-credit programs are acceptable.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\r\n\u003cp\u003eHere are some examples of activities interns may participate in:\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\r\n\u003cul\u003e\r\n\t\u003cli\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eEvent Management\u003c/strong\u003e\u0026nbsp;including clinics, tournaments, recognition events, and the Annual Induction Celebration.\u003c/li\u003e\r\n\t\u003cli\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eSales, Marketing, and Development\u003c/strong\u003e\u0026nbsp;activities are ongoing for the Hall of Fame. Intern assignments in support of these efforts will provide for interaction with IVHF staff, Board, volunteers, and consultants in a variety of ways to help accomplish revenue goals (annual and targeted financial appeals, event sponsorship, corporate partnership, tourism development, etc.) and expand community awareness of the Hall of Fame.\u003c/li\u003e\r\n\t\u003cli\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eSocial Media, Public Relations and Communications\u003c/strong\u003e\u0026nbsp;projects (varied media) are interwoven into many of the IVHF activities and will impact every intern on some level. Targeted projects regarding social media, blogging, etc. are possible for interns with a specific interest.\u003c/li\u003e\r\n\t\u003cli\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eOperations\u0026nbsp;\u003c/strong\u003eis an opportunity to learn everything that goes into running an international non-profit organization. Projects include analyzing financial statements, budget preparation, observing board and committee meetings, strategic planning, event evaluation, to name a few.\u003c/li\u003e\r\n\t\u003cli\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eArchives and Collections\u003c/strong\u003e\u0026nbsp;will focus on: archival arrangement, preservation, and description; cataloging and metadata; collection development; and digital projects including our new volleyballhistory.org website.\u003c/li\u003e\r\n\t\u003cli\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eComputer Information System / Information Technology\u003c/strong\u003e\u0026nbsp;represent a growing need for the Hall of Fame in sport heritage, sport event and facilities management, archives management, tourism, and educational programming. Projects will be targeted for students with appropriate skills but may include website development and maintenance, databases, inventories, presentations, interactive exhibits, and more.\u003c/li\u003e\r\n\t\u003cli\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eRetailing/Merchandising\u003c/strong\u003e\u0026nbsp;opportunities include working within the Exhibit Hall gift shop, online store, and special events. Projects may include analyzing merchandise trends, designing retail displays, creating proposals for new merchandise, and more.\u003c/li\u003e\r\n\u003c/ul\u003e\r\n\r\n\u003cp\u003eFor more information on internships or to apply please email\u0026nbsp;\u003ca href=\"mailto:interns@volleyhall.org\"\u003einterns@volleyhall.org\u003c/a\u003e\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\n \u003c/div\u003e\n\u003c/div\u003e\n\n \u003cspan class=\"clearAll\"\u003e\u003c/span\u003e\n\u003c/div\u003e\n\n\n \u003c/div\u003e\n \u003cspan class=\"clearAll\"\u003e\u003c/span\u003e\n \u003c/div\u003e\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n\n\u003cscript type=\"text/javascript\"\u003e\n var init_nss = function() {\n var $nss = $j('.newsSlideShow-container');\n // debug.info(\"Found \"+$nss.length+\" News Slideshow Elements\");\n $nss.each(function(){\n var $ss = $j(this);\n if ( ! $ss.data('activenewsslideshow') ) {\n $ss.data('activenewsslideshow',true);\n $ss.newsSlideShow();\n }\n });\n }\n // call on document ready for most browsers\n init_nss();\n // call again on window load for IE :(\n $j(window).load(init_nss);\n // check for new slideshow elements after valid.deactivate\n $j('body').bind('pageElement.render',init_nss);\n\u003c/script\u003e\n\n"}