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Tournament Rules

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Tournament Rules

Time / Registration / Format

  • The IVHF Summer VB Fest is a 4v4 co-ed format (two males/two females per team)
  • The Tournament is located at the International Volleyball Hall of Fame in Heritage State Park, 444 Dwight Street, Holyoke, MA 01040
  • Check-In opens at 8:00 AM, closes at 8:30 AM and pool play begins promptly at 9:00 AM
  • Teams will be seeded by blind draw at 8:30AM
  • $60 per team
  • If you're late (after 8:50AM) you will be charged an additional $5 for each player that is late‚Äč


  • There will only be an Open division however players of ALL skills levels are encouraged to participate


  • Rally scoring (a point is scored on every play).
  • In pool play, there is a 2 point cap. No cap in playoffs.
  • All matches will be best 2 out of 3 to 21, 3rd to 15 if needed.
  • Depending on the size of the pool, the weather, and/or time constraints the length of games may be adjusted by the tournament director throughout the day to complete the tournament on time.


  • The ball cannot be dropped. Once it is tossed the serve must be attempted. A drop of the ball means a point for the other team.
  • Lets are legal (if the ball tips the net and goes over - play continues)
  • Kick serves are legal (good luck)
  • Foot faults are enforced by the team reffing the match.


  • You cannot hand set any serve received, only with your platform or an overhand platform with both hands firmly together.
  • You cannot hand set any first ball unless it is hard driven, as defined below.
  • A double contact is allowed if the ball is hard driven. Hard driven is defined as a ball with pace that has no upward trajectory.


  • Double contacts are called when there is transfer of the ball between the two hands during the action of a hand set. We do not call spin, we only call clean hands. 
  • The setters' shoulders must be square to the path of the ball if setting the ball over the net (regardless of intention to set over the net).


  • No open hand tips.


  • A block does NOT count as a touch.
  • No redirect on blocks.
  • A player cannot block a serve.
  • If a player from the other team has not contacted the ball yet with a hit at the net (hitting motion or tip), you must wait for the ball to cross the plane of the net on a block or otherwise an overpass hit.


  • All teams will advance to the playoffs.
  • No cap on scoring.
  • Playoff matches are best 2 of 3 to 21, 3rd to 15 unless otherwise specified by the Tournament Director.
  • All playoff teams are seeded per Tournament Director discretion.

Other Rules On The Court

  • Players can go under the net if not interfering with the play or their opponent (Referee Discretion).
  • A player may play the ball head to toe.
  • A "ball on!" call is an automatic stop of play. If there is a ball on the court and nobody calls "ball on!", then it is up to referee discretion whether or not the ball affected the play.
  • If the lines come up during play, continue playing. If the lines coming up affects the outcome of the point, the point must be re-played. If the lines do not affect the play, the play is legal. (Referee Discretion)
  • Continuation of play applies (No touching net, poles, or ropes while hitting, blocking, etc.). If your momentum takes you into any of those mentioned, it is still a violation no matter whether the balls has already hit the ground or not.
  • A player may not wear anything on their feet that could cause harm to others (spikes). Sneakers are ok.
  • If hair, a hat, or anything else that you're wearing grazes the net, it is referee discretion if it affected the play and if it's a net violation.
  • All questions and debates are handled by the referee of the match. If there are any disputes in which the director needs to be involved, the referee ONLY may speak to the director. Treat each other with respect and be honest. If you treat the director or anyone else volunteering with the tournament poorly you'll be docked 5 points in your match or may be asked to leave.