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Carlos Nuzman

Born: March 17, 1942 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Enshrined: 2007

Country: Brazil

Category: Leader

Biography (Current at time of Induction)

Carlos Nuzman created what has become the dominance of Brazil in the modern era, not only for their performance on the court and on the sand, but their performance in the stands and the status of the sport inside the country. It was under his presidency in the Brazilian federation that they rose to a world-class level in all parts of the sport. His leadership and spearheading of the growth of the sport has made Brazil the dominant country in the world today.

President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee since 1995, Carlos Arthur Nuzman began his career as a volleyball player. He played with the Brazilian National Team for two World Championships (1962, 1966) and in the inaugural 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Nuzman was the president of the Brazilian Volleyball Federation from 1975-95, an era of many victories for Brazilian men's volleyball and a time when Brazil established many of the foundation programs that have allowed it to dominate the world in both men’s and women’s volleyball today.

During that time, Brazil won its first men’s Olympic Gold Medal at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games and was the champion of the 1993 World League. Brazil won the Boys’ Youth World Championship in 1989, ’91, ’93 and ’95, and took the gold medal at the Men’s Junior World Championship in 1993. The Brazilian women's team won the silver medal at the 1994 World Championships and was the 1994 World Grand Prix gold medalist, which started a total of seven gold medals at the annual event. At the youth level, Brazil won the Junior World Championship in 1987 and ‘89.